Man Fixing a Gas Fit — Gas Fitter in Moranbah, QLD

Gas Fitting Services In Moranbah


Our expert Moranbah gas fitters at O'Keefe Plumbing Services provide a range of gas fitting services, including more competitively-priced gas bottle delivery for Moranbah and surrounding areas.

Your local solution for having gas supply lines installed at your property, our team of expert gas fitters is fully licensed. We can ensure that all your gas lines, fittings, and appliances comply with government regulations and certify the same.

Experienced professionals, our gas fitters will know the best options—to meet your needs, as well as your budget—for a brand new gas hot water system, gas heater, or gas cooking appliance.

Call us at O’Keefe Plumbing Services today for more information.

Gas Compliance


We provide full inspections of gas systems and appliances to ensure they meet all safety standards and are safe for use by your family or your business.
Plumber Inspecting a Gas System — Gas Fitter in Moranbah, QLD

Gas Bottles


We are Moranbah’s LPG bottle delivery angels. Contact O’Keefe Plumbing Services if you’re ready for a better, more affordable gas bottle service.
LPG Gas Bottle — Gas Fitter in Moranbah, QLD

System Repairs


We not only offer full gas system inspections, we can also repair any problems found. Our gas fitters are Moranbah’s experts when it comes to gas installation and repair.
System Repair — Gas Fitter in Moranbah, QLD