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Swimming Pool — Swimming Pool Compliance in Moranbah, QLD

Swimming Pool Compliance In Moranbah


Swimming pools are generally not a problem when it’s properly fenced and you’re in control of who’s jumping into it. But it’s a whole new ball game when the swimming pool is in your name but someone else has the keys to the property.

This is the case when you decide to place your property on the market for sale or rental. In these cases, the responsible thing to do is to take the precaution of having the swimming pool certified for compliance.
You can legally have your property with swimming pool up for sale without a compliance certificate, but you must give the buyer a Form 36-Notice Of No Pool Safety Certificate prior to entering a contract of sale. A copy also needs to be sent to QBCC (poolsafety@qbcc.qld.gov.au) before settlement.

The buyer will need to get a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement.

What Is Swimming Pool Compliance?


Swimming Pool Compliance is all about pool safety standards and whether the pool in question meets them.

Certification will include verifying that the height and strength of barriers measure up. Mandatory non-climbable zones will be inspected, as will gates and latches that are meant to prevent direct access into the pool area.

Direct access to the pool area through a door from the house or another building is not permissible. For this reason, any window opening onto the pool area must not open more than 100mm or must have a security screen fitted.

There are strict safety requirements for pool fencing. These are logically devised to prevent young children from being able to enter. The same is true for gates, hinges and latches.

A compliant CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) sign must be easily visible to anyone near the pool.

Penalties For Non-Compliance


Local governments have the power to investigate pool safety compliance. They can even issue on-the-spot fines.

Safety Inspections


We can come out to perform a thorough safety inspection of your swimming pool. We'll inspect its structural integrity, including the concreting work and liner, as well as its plumbing, e.g. drains, filters, chlorinators, and pumps. We will also make sure your fencing is compliant with local government regulations. You will get peace of mind, as a homeowner, but also if you are planning to sell or rent your property.
Man Inspecting a Swimming Pool Pipes — Swimming Pool Compliance in Moranbah, QLD



If your swimming pool inspection exposes a need for repairs, we can take the burden off your hands by managing or performing the repair work for you. We can quickly replace a faulty pump, as well as find and repair the source of drainage issues. Depending on the seriousness of the issues, we may also be able to help with simple concreting and fencing repairs.
Plumbers Repairing a Pool Pipes — Swimming Pool Compliance in Moranbah, QLD