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Roofing In Moranbah


Moranbah roofing won’t leak if O'Keefe Plumbing Services has anything to do with it. Our license and insured plumbers are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if your roof springs a leak, you now have an emergency hotline to call.

Save our emergency plumbing, gas-fitting and roofing number—0412 194 306—to your phone contacts. That way, you’ll never be caught out in the rain. We’ll have your roofing problem (plumbing and gas-fitting too if needed) sorted in quick order.

The thing about a leaking roof is that damage from water and dampness is a ticking time bomb. If you wait too long before the leak is found and fixed, you could end up with any of a wide range of related problems.
Leaks can lead to mould. Even when mould is hidden from view, its impact on the health of those in proximity cannot be ignored. You really need to act with some sense of urgency. Call us today at O'Keefe Plumbing Services. We’ll quickly ascertain if it’s your roof or another source that is responsible for the dampness. Then we’ll just as quickly put an end to the problem.

Aside from mould, the moisture from a leaking roof will lead to rotting of timbers and damage to plasterboard. If left unchecked, before too long you’ll need all the trades to help your repair the damage. Get in touch today. We’ll make sure your property is as safe and secure as it should be.

Repairing leaking roofs, as we do, often involves replacing sections of guttering or downpipe. If these two items need attention at your property, we can help. A quote for O’Keefe Plumbing Services is your first step in getting your guttering and pipes in order. Call today for your free quote.

Moranbah Roof Repair


Moranbah roof repair becomes a matter of urgency, as soon as leaking is involved. At O’Keefe Plumbing Services, we can have our licensed and insured plumber out to your property and up on your roof before more damage is done.

Our 24/7 emergency plumbing and roofing service is your best option when more rain threatens. Call today for your free Moranbah roof repair quote.

Aside from emergency roof repair, our other roofing services include:

Roof Inspections


Moranbah roofs should be fully inspected from time to time. This is especially the case where trees are close to the building, as well after serious storm activity.

If you’re wondering when you last had a roof inspection done, you should probably call us. O’Keefe Plumbing, a Master Plumbers member, is licensed, insured and experienced. We know all about checking roofs and we’re efficient and affordable, whether your roof gets a clean bill of health or the quickest of repairs.
Plumbers Inspecting a Roof — Roofing in Moranbah, QLD

Roof Repair


Ignoring a leaking roof is most unwise. You really need to get it sorted by a professional as soon as possible. Your home insurance generally covers the costs. However, if you leave a leaking roof unattended for too long, things will get complicated. Numerous trades could then be involved. But if you call us without delay, we will respond with equal urgency to make sure your roof is 100%.
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Good gutters and downpipes quietly do their job, swiftly moving substantial loads of water away from places it would otherwise cause major problems. They do draw attention to themselves, however, when they fail to adequately do their job. Regular cleaning helps. But when you get to the point where your guttering is corroded or blocked and unable to do its job effectively, it’s time to seek professional help. Call O’Keefe Plumbing Services. We’re fast, effective, and we won’t cost a lot.
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Roofing And Guttering In Moranbah


O’Keefe Plumbing Services provides cost-effective roof and guttering repairs to properties throughout Moranbah and surrounding areas. Call us today for your free quote or to arrange an inspection.